Courtney's English Springer Spaniel Page

The first English Springer Spaniel joined our family in 1977. I breed English Springer Spaniels since 1979 and also work with them. Occasionally I have a litter. The puppies go to families, who want an ideal pet or to shooting homes as companions and working gundogs. My friend Sigrun Wallqvist from Sweden with her vast knowledge about English Springer Spaniels has been a great help in establishing my small Kennel. She has been breeding very successfully the well known 'Brigadoon English Springer Spaniels' since 1963. For years dogs from her Kennel have been sold as pets, gundogs, drug sniffer dogs and therapie dogs.
Dogs from her kennel are the foundation of my kennel.

Ursula Courtney

Mozartstr. 10

D-32683 Barntrup


Tel.: 0049-5263 - 1495


Gegen Hundehass

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